Site Amenities

Picnic Tables


Green Site represents several vendors including Vista Furnishings, Hendersen and others who manufacture picnic tables of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. We can have tables shipped directly to your site and provide installation instructions or we can assemble and install them depending on location of the job site. Call us any time to discuss your picnic table requirements. Green Site will gladly provide a free price quote delivered to your doorstep.  

Park Benches by Vista


If park benches are what you need, Green Site is the are representive for Vista Furnishings. Benches are easily the most versatile of all the products Green Site offers. They can be indoor, outdoor, permanent mounted in concrete footings, surface mounted or moveable. Regardless of the site conditions, we can find just the right seating product to finish your park or playground with style and comfort.



There are very few smells more pleasant than hamburgers, hot dogs and a charcoal grill sizzling on a warm summer day. Green Site can help make your customers happy by providing quality, low maintenance outdoor grills for your park environment. We represent several manufacturers including Kay Park and others, so we can provide a wide range of grill options.

Trash Receptacles


Round, square, tall and short, we have them all!

Yes, we sell trash cans. Not a lot needs to be said but we have them in all shapes, colors and sizes. 

Goals for Team Sports


Green Site sells a variety of goals for basketball and football, as well as backstops, players benches/dugouts and all site amenities needed to support athletic activities for your school or park. We have several suppliers including Kay Park Recreation. Henderson and others. Give Green Site a call to discuss your needs and we will gladly provide product recommendations and a free price quote. .

Bike Racks, Flag Poles and more.


Green Site sells bicycle racks of all configurations. Loop style, circle, low profile, t-post and others. We can even provide skateboard racks or flagpoles! We have several manufacturers of quality bike/skateboard racks and flagpoles including Kay Park Recreation, Vista Furnishings and others. Call Green Site today for a free price quote. We can provide assembly instructions for your staff or include a cost for our staff to assemble and install.